Free URL Shortener Application is a free URL shortening service that is very simple to use and has a Python back-end. Utilize our free tool to shorten your desired lengthier URL..

Free URL Shortener Application

Simple and Faster

. is a free URL shortener application that is very simple to use and has a Python backend. Utilize our free tool to shorten your desired lengthier URL.

Any lengthy URL under 2000 characters can be copied and pasted into the box above labeled "Your URL to Shorten." Then, simply click the 'Short URL' button that appears at the bottom of the box. A short URL will be presented to you on the next screen.

Additionally, you can click the 'copy' button to add the URL directly to your clipboard or the social sharing icon to share it with others.

Go to the 'Statistics' menu in the upper right menu to look at the statistics for the shared URL. There may be more information there, such as the number of visitors, location of the visitor, etc.

Share and track after shortening URL

To utilize our URL shortening service, there is no registration required. It is provided without charge. However, registration is necessary in order to receive statistics, access additional services, and enhance user experiences. Additionally, joining us is totally free. Through this registration process, only spammy or malicious behavior will be monitored. We steer clear of those with bad motives. You can view visitor history and other pertinent information by sending short URLs to various blogs, forums, advertisements, magazines, instant messaging, and documents.

Endpoint Response

We assist with API endpoints. You must register and login once every seven days to get this support. We are attempting to make the current login barrier even better. You are also asked to adhere to the rules listed below.

  1. Shorten up to URL path.
  2. Add query parameters and fragment with the shortURL later.
The image below is meant to help you understand. Use our contact form if you're interested in learning more. api_end_point_support

What Solutions We Provide

Unlimited Urls

Create an unlimited number of short URLs from any long URL. It's also completely free.

Up to 2000 characters

Convert any lengthy URL with less than 2000 characters to a short URL in seconds. The word "short" denotes "to shorten." And it's simple to remember.

Secure URL

Our service has HTTPS protocol and data encryption. It is fast and secure.


Through the Statistics option, you may get a list of how many URLs you've created in the past. A visitor log will be generated for each Shorten URL.


When we receive a report that our URLs are being used illegally, we invalidate them. Any other abbreviated version of the same URL is also prohibited. No one will ever be able to make it any shorter. More illicit creators will face disciplinary action.


Registered user-created URLs are immediately redirected, and anonymously generated URLs are redirected after 5 seconds. We believe that by doing so, everyone will be able to construct their own URL.